Thursday, 30 May 2013


Messy room. I know.
Fav drink: Strawberry Sparkles

 May has been a busy month. So much happening. I barely had time to blog and update you guys. Apologies. Therefore, to make it up, I'll take you guys through my month with the help of my Instagram photos.

Exams months in Nift is death tiring.We hardly sleep. We take naps. I don't know how we still manage to get up and get ready.

Modelling for Graduating seniors
Silver Sequin Shorts: Thrift
 One of the many reasons why we Rock.  *Head Held High*

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Hello Summer

Heyo people. It's a long time no see eh? I'm back home in Guwahati, away from the harsh sun in Delhi.
2nd Semester's over. Two months of Summer holiday. I should be excited shouldn't I? Well, I'm lazy. Haha. Anyways, You'll be going through a lot of my pics from the past weeks. I've been so busy with the exams I could hardly blog, but hell, now I'm back with a Bang! Lol.

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Mommy Diaries

My mom needs no introduction to the regular readers here :) She's always been there since the first post "Alpha" where almost all my stuffs were hers, also see "Mom's closet".
My mom's name is Lalthlamuani Hmar. Friends and dear ones call her "Tepuii".
My relationship with my mom, if drawn on a graph would look like an Aztec print with a sudden shoot in last line raising high up above. Mom is not the most expressive human alive. She has this hard shell around her. What you can see is only 1/10th of who she actually is. She's the strongest yet the most vulnerable woman I've ever known, beating all the characters I've read or heard about in movies or books too.