Thursday, 25 April 2013

The Short Hair Story

You know what the real Summertime Sadness for girls is? The Hair.
--> If long, very hot and always pony can be boring. Have to invent new hair-tying ideas every now and then. Time-consuming.
--> Oil. Hair tends get oily fast and also sweaty. Everyday washing? Dry Hair. Not washing? Dirty Hair.
Phew, get me out of this mess!!! Oh wait, How about I chop it off?
Head goes.... Not so easy darling, remember what they say about boys loving long hair? Or the society considering it "inappropriate" for girls as the "feminine" factor is lost?

I don't wanna be too old school here. Of course there have been a lot of girls breaking the barrier, chopping off the beautiful mane, leaving the girlfriends go, "Awwww... what a waste... I miss your long hair!", as if they were the one looking after it! But face it, even the ones who chopped off thought about it a lot of times before actually doing it. Let's hear about what these two very good friends of mine have to say about the "change".

Cindy Kim

Cindy: "Change is good. I've always had long hair so I wanted to try out something drastically new to me. It's healthy to experiment and I loved the experience, plus, it goes very well with Delhi's weather too :) " 

Amelia Lalremdiki

Amelia: "I'm a super big fan of Agyness Deyn. I love her style. So I think it's safe to say she inspired this haircut. I was hesitant at first because of what people will say, the Mizo society isn't so forgiving on this issue. I finally got the confidence when a friend of mine told me that life is too short to not do what you want to. I don't regret it one bit."

These girls are real inspirations. See, let's be very clear, I'm not being for or against the "Short" hair trend. I just wanted to let you all think about it. Give it a thought. Is it really that bad to carry off comfort? Again, Isn't femininity too beautiful a thing to give up?
A word of caution to all my trendy friends planning to get a haircut done- Know your face structure. Make sure the cut is going to work for your hair and not against it. Lastly, don't forget maintaining a short hair is just as tough. Bad-hair days can get worse if your mane is short. There! I dropped the bomb. I had one too two years back, I should know. Har-Har.
Photo credits: Biaklian Photography (for Cindy)