Saturday, 9 March 2013

Letter to Mom-Dad.

8th March, 2013.
Dear Nunu and Papa,
I thank Jesus Christ today for keeping you together. Keeping you one. 
 Life can be dyslexic because there is not enough words to describe how difficult it is. Every step we take is a big milestone when it's not just for yourself, but for the family too. Together you handle Life beautifully.
Growing up between you for 18 years has taught me a lot. All these years, I've seen how cruel circumstances can be, I've seen that people no matter how many years you've lived with them, always have the "other side" you've never seen, I've seen how much courage one has to have just go do something you think is right even when the other disagrees. But in between all this I see a bigger picture- the Selfless Love you have for each other.

Dad, I love how you put up with the silly remarks and petty arguments just to irritate mom because you love it when she reacts disgustedly. I love the way you appreciate it when mom cooks the dinner more than anyone else. Maybe it's the ingredient Love that makes it more delicious to you even when it's all same to us. I know you love her, dad, It shows. You can not bear the thought of her leaving you alone, by choice or by fate.

Mom, you are awesome. You respect dad so much! There's so much Women in general can learn from you. You are always so careful in what you say or what you do just because you can not let my dad sleep with a disturbed mind. You always put Dad's opinions before yours. Being such a confident and strong-headed woman, you do not forget to remember all the vows you said before the Lord.

Mom, Dad, you are not the perfect individuals, but the both of you together make up the perfect Couple-match made in heaven. Dad, the serious poker faced husband and Mom being the childish, fun loving wife, I cannot help but smile every time you pull each other's legs and find ways to irritate each other. And the story of how, Dad, proposed mom with his stubbornness, staying awake outside the door late at night till dawn just to get that "Yes" from Mom? EPIC.

My heart's desire is for God to bless the both of you and fill you with happiness. Tell each other every night how much You love each other, you never know what will happen tomorrow. Talk more, Hug more, Kiss each other more, it will only make you closer everyday.

Here's your love-struck daughter signing off,
Hoping to see you guys soon by the grace of God,
Mawipuii... your love child :)


  1. Ziak tha hle mai. Nu & pa ngaihsan nachang hria leh ngaihhlutna chang hria Thalaite hi khawvela mi vannei ber-te an ni.

    I Nu & Pa hi an hmeltha dun hle mai. I tluk lo zawk mah-in ka hria :)

    May the good Lord continue to Bless your Mom & Dad

  2. hehe, ka tluk lo an ti zel :) Thanks a lot.