Tuesday, 26 March 2013


Heyo people.
How's life? A lot has been going on in mine. Finished exams and everything, me and my friends finally found the perfect house after days of searching, so I'm typically busy with all of these. I'll let you know more about the house later.
Holi, the festival of colors have started today, the big one being tomorrow. I'm already paranoid at the whole idea of colors violently splashing on us and the animals. I'm personally not very fond of the festival because of the whole idea of getting into a mess. Even today, I had to take all the way round to the back gate and take an auto back home from college because some of our friends were eagerly waiting for us outside the main-gate with all their equipment of mass destruction.

Well, I really hope I survive tomorrow without getting eggs all over my hair. Oh wait, that might not be much of a bad idea. I'll actually end up with a shiny hair the day after for free. Haha!
The one color I am NOT wearing tomorrow is White. I know, I know, it is a part of the whole tradition to wear White on Holi, but I still don't get why? Maybe because it brings out all the colors vibrantly and is more fun to put "dirt" on? Or does it have to do with anything regarding the holiness of the festival. No one till date could give me an answer for this. If you have any idea, lemme know?  

As for now, I'll be cuddling in my bed and maybe do some Bible study before Good Friday and Easter Sunday. You guys have fun getting drenched. Hope to see you all in kaleidoscopic skin on the next working day.  

Oh, another thing, do spare the street animals. They don't really enjoy what humans do. 

P.S: I am wearing shorts underneath. Gad! You people! :D muahx.


  1. Replies
    1. You won't like it in college. You just wait :P

  2. There's something very sexy and erotic about this, and not in a porn way. :)

  3. Of something that has no connection at all ie. the pics and the blog post...somehow the pics made reading thru very exciting. lol Dont understand why people throw eggs though.

    1. seriously. Specially now that the price of eggs have gone up to, why waste them?