Tuesday, 26 March 2013


Heyo people.
How's life? A lot has been going on in mine. Finished exams and everything, me and my friends finally found the perfect house after days of searching, so I'm typically busy with all of these. I'll let you know more about the house later.
Holi, the festival of colors have started today, the big one being tomorrow. I'm already paranoid at the whole idea of colors violently splashing on us and the animals. I'm personally not very fond of the festival because of the whole idea of getting into a mess. Even today, I had to take all the way round to the back gate and take an auto back home from college because some of our friends were eagerly waiting for us outside the main-gate with all their equipment of mass destruction.

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Me and Accessories

My relationship with accessories date way back in the early 2000s.
When I was in my 5th standard I took part in a school cultural dance, where we performed Dandiya, a Rajasthani folk dance. We had to wear beautiful Ghagras and heavy jewelery. At that time, I still had the typical round gold earrings, the very ones used to pierce my ears when I was only months old. I had a hard time convincing my mom I wanted real gold no more. I wanted to wear the fancy one-thus the start of a near addiction.
I became obsessed with earrings, although my mom didn't buy me much, I got them as gifts a lot. Maybe people knew it was the safest thing to give me as I'd like it anyway. I still own about 25 pair of "wearable" earrings now.
Black leather neck-piece

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Letter to Mom-Dad.

8th March, 2013.
Dear Nunu and Papa,
I thank Jesus Christ today for keeping you together. Keeping you one. 
 Life can be dyslexic because there is not enough words to describe how difficult it is. Every step we take is a big milestone when it's not just for yourself, but for the family too. Together you handle Life beautifully.
Growing up between you for 18 years has taught me a lot. All these years, I've seen how cruel circumstances can be, I've seen that people no matter how many years you've lived with them, always have the "other side" you've never seen, I've seen how much courage one has to have just go do something you think is right even when the other disagrees. But in between all this I see a bigger picture- the Selfless Love you have for each other.

Dad, I love how you put up with the silly remarks and petty arguments just to irritate mom because you love it when she reacts disgustedly. I love the way you appreciate it when mom cooks the dinner more than anyone else. Maybe it's the ingredient Love that makes it more delicious to you even when it's all same to us. I know you love her, dad, It shows. You can not bear the thought of her leaving you alone, by choice or by fate.

Monday, 4 March 2013

Instagram-ing Away...

Whatsuuupppp folks?! *Grin*
Delhi's temperature is soaring, seems like the rise in the price of petrol have a direct influence. LoL. Now,  I can't effort to waste a day without all my knitted clothes, can I?
These days I'm hooked to Instagram. Loving the fact that I get the latest post by my favorite bloggers asap. Willabelle of Pale Division is my current favorite.
Here are two of my Instaposts:

Sunday Outfit