Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Welcome 2013.

Kumthar Chibai vek ule.
A very Happy New Year to all!
The only predictability about Life is it's unpredictable nature. This new year has brought different emotions to different people.  Some lost, some gained. However, the most important thing is we made it to another year.
New hopes. New dreams. New Opportunities.We ought to make the best of what is been given to us. That is going to make all the difference.
Well, I have made no New Year Resolution officially, although I do have a few things I would like to keep in mind and change the way it had been last year.
Fashion-wise, I'm taking small leaps and try to make me more daring and confident to pull off all the looks that had been hovering my mind. I think 31st evening was a good start.
I had a completely different look in mind for the New Year's Eve mass. In the morning, however, while cleaning up the wardrobe I came across some clothes of my mom's (yet again) and Loved them to death! This clothing is a part of those few I chose to keep. It's strange, every time I go through the wardrobe's I always come across some item I had never seen and then keep them. LoL.

This is a designer salwaar suit, well, without the pants. I wouldn't name the brand, I love the colour of the garment and the way it drapes and flows perfectly. I paired it with my high-boots and Nine-West bag. The chunni and the cap added to it.

I tried Pink lip-colour from Tip and Toes. I never tried this bold move before, now I'm liking it.

It's a church. No one had ever tried this look before. I was a bit conscious at first but later grew comfortable when people actually complimented. You can always carry off this look. If you have a shorter height, make sure your salwaar is not too long though.

There's no harm in looking good. A good dresser is always so much more confident. Life gets easier. So, spare some time off and give attention to yourself...
Have a great year ahead!

Almost forgot, big thanks to Dee, my beloved bestie for the patience to click the pictures. Don't tell anyone about the Ghost (ahem?) I saw that night. :P


  1. Happy New Year! Shine on, you shining star :)

    1. God bless you abundantly this year :)