Saturday, 19 January 2013

Season's Ending...

Red won't be the same anymore. 
The color Red has such a big significance in this season. If we see a friend wearing red our immediate reaction, "Hey, you're looking so Christmas-y!" Strange thing, this barely happens during the rest of the year. Well, except, of course on the V-day.
This red cardigan is my mom's. I don't think you'll even be surprised with that by now. Har har!

The place is my home in Guwahati. My home sweet home. I miss my homies... Sigh.
My Zara shoe, my fav. Superman shirt and a puffed hair, a trick my mom taught me. For girls like me with thin hair, puffing the hair can be a tough job. I'll blog about my trick later :)

These photographs were shot by, again, my brother. He was so shy to click this particular picture (outdoors, you know)  he literally hid under the bushes while clicking! (-_-) he was like, "Nuuuuuu!!! ka u hi pawna thla lak a tum aniaaa!!"..  pffffttt...

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  1. hey love your blog...
    just one request please give translation of your language.need to know what "Nuuuuuu!!! ka u hi pawna thla lak a tum aniaaa!!" meant