Sunday, 6 January 2013

Ray of Hope

Light of the world, You step down into darkness,
Open my eyes, let me see,
Beauty that makes this heart adore you,
Hope of a Life spent with You...

The festive season is already over and it's time to get our feet back on tracks. However, all that we learnt and experienced in these weeks should not be left aside but instead be inculcated. Sermons in church and all the hymns sung always leave an inner peace. 

It's my last night at home and I'm already feeling so nostalgic. I'm gonna miss my family, my friends, my dog, my boyfriend and Guwahati itself. People are still so free and kind here, plus the weather's just fine to dress up exactly the way you like.
 Here's one of the many looks I experimented on with my First Zara Ever! My dear brother, Andrew, helped to capture these photos and I'm so grateful to him because they came out rather beautiful then I expected. the location is my backyard and Mom's garden. LoL.
The styling is not a very new concept, frankly. But I have not seen many people taking this step either. I'd love to see more of Varsities and Socks with Shoes. Although I do agree Varsities are over-priced in India. Btw, That's my dad's. Haha...


  1. L-Ray a chanchin i blog dawn emaw ka lo tia...

  2. Love the look