Thursday, 24 January 2013

Back to Basics

When confused, go back to basics.
Well, in my case, it was the opposite. Hola amigos! The day before,  me and my friend were having this conversation about how people shop. While some stuck to basics, some tend to buy statements only. Same goes in styling. I fall into the latter category. I find it extremely difficult to buy myself a pair of jeans or even a T-shirt. So, this friend challenged me to wear basics to college the next day and look "normal" for once.
I took up the challenge. The day after I arrive in college like this-

She was not convinced. I explained her how everyone owns a pair of jeggings, converse shoes, a white T-shirt and a blazer. She went, "You're still not normal". Haha...
Well, here's the trick, I wanted to incorporate this blazer without looking formal. So, i decided Converse. Since both were BnW, I decided to keep it monotonous throughout (read: Basic Black and White?). Therefore came this Adidas shirt "he" gave me.
All I added was a rosary, gifted by none other than this friend herself, and a bracelet gifted to me by a school-mate. A high-pony and I'm good to go.

Photo Credits? WHO ELSE! This friend! Okay, her name's Sonal. And editing? ME! Hah. :P
Hyuk hyuk!
See ya all soon.

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