Tuesday, 4 December 2012

The Big Red Trend

"Loving him is Red", says the country princess Taylor Swift in her latest single Red. Well, I still don't exactly know what she's trying to tell us here, but I love the concept of how she publicizes the album. Fashion-wise concept. I've been studying her style ever-since the "White Horse" and "Tim McGraw " days. She has transformed from a typical country dress-wearing teen to a classy retro adult.
In the promos for her album, she has been spotted wearing a lot of French Connection black and white sweaters or tops and a red pant. She carried it off well, with the red lips that compliment her.

Swift's pictures have been flooding my Facebook news feed, and you know what they say, when you see too much of one thing, you tend to get that inside of your head.
And it so happened that one fine morning I wake up, take a bath, and have no clue what to wear in the college. Plus, I was getting so late! I just took out whatever I saw, assembled and off I went. After a while in the college, my friends started to compliment on what I was wearing. Thus, leading to some photo-shoot.

Going home, opening my account yet again I came across some Swift's pictures and then it clicked! The human brain is so beautiful. See what just happened? I've been so used to seeing that style, that without even "thinking" about it, it inspired me. Amazing.

Later, I came across some of my friend's pictures as well where they sported a similar trend. The checked shirt+Red. It looks good on everyone. It's very trendy and sophisticated. It's there for everyone to try. *bows*

Priscilla; Amelia
Credits: Namit Sirohi (Valley of Chic)


  1. I believe the phenomenon is called "conditioning" and red IS a powerful colour!

    1. Sonal, thanks. I'll have to do a research on that. LoL. Logic. ;)