Friday, 28 December 2012

Thank God for Christmas.

There's been a lot going on in my mind these days...
With all the wonderful, joyous season's spirit hovering around me. God has been such a "God" to me. I don't even know where to start thanking Him. I sometimes feel so small and undeserving of all that He has given me. As if being born into a Christian family was not enough. I'm so blessed to understand His grace and salvation. Thank God for Christmas!
This Christmas has been an eye-opener for me. No, I did not dance in the church or shout out praises loud in the church. Nor did I get any extra dime to spend with my friends. It's just the realization of being so much blessed. I had my family, friends and my boyfriend with me this Christmas. I couldn't ask for more. Thank God for Christmas!*change of mood* *cling cling cling*
Thinking more materialistically, I'm so thankful for having the best of clothes to wear. I'm sure You all are too. They might not be all that we planned or hoped for, but they surely made a difference in the way we see the day. That is the big thing about clothes in general. I know we've heard a lot of sermons that say Christmas should be about Christ being born and giving thanks to Him, I totally agree. Dressing up, however, becomes a big part of it. It gets you into the mood. No one can deny wanting to wear the best that we can for this day. Well, It's Jesus' birthday, something has to be different right? Thank God for Christmas! 

To all my friends, who happen to be more excited than me about my Love, Thank You.
To my family, who support me in all the decisions I make, Thank You.
To each and everything in life, including my darling Tommy, Thank You.
Last but NOT the least, My Love, Thank You...

Oh! To Fashion, because of which I get the inspiration to write blogs and thank everyone, Thank You!
Thank God for Christmas!

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