Saturday, 22 December 2012

All in the mood for Holidays... or not quite yet.

I know, every time I write is always a long-time-no-see post. You can't blame me. The end-semester exams were one hell of a hectic time. And on top of that sleepless nights of working and assignments didn't even pay off! Sigh.
Now, I'm in the airport in Delhi, being as early as I can be, waiting to board the plane to Guwahati. I can't wait to be at home. I miss my dog the most, Tommy. Not that I don't miss my family. Hehe. This feeling of wanting to be at home during the Christmas holidays is so new to me. Being away from home for the very first time, I never knew one can be this nostalgic during the season. In fact  I always thought I was the kinda girl who was not really into this whole "lonely" thing. I was so free and independent, loved to be alone, loved to hang out with almost anyone. Not anymore.
I celebrated my 19th Birthday on the 15th of December. Well, not really "celebrate". My parents came over to Delhi on the 14th on their way back from an official trip. I spent a night and saw the dusk of my born day with them, which was very special. However, dropping them off early  in the morning was not a good start.
I spent the whole afternoon alone in the room of my PG, crying, yes, literally. Umm, there's goes one confession! I missed being at home, not that we would party or anything even back there, but the feeling of being with people who you know will care no matter what is priceless. I'm not talking about anything new here. I know a lot of you have faced this many times, now I understand.
That feeling and the pressure of exams didn't actually help in getting me the Christmas spirit. I just hadn't felt the air yet. Being in the capital where this season is highly commercial did nothing to me. Every time I Facebook or read blogs, everyone wrote so much about shopping, being at home and Christmas decorations. So, I decided the first thing I would do after the exams is shop, shop and shop.
And shop I did! I burnt a hole in my pocket. Big time. Because I bought a Zara shoe I so wanted (about this later). I had to thrift shop for the rest of my wardrobe. LoL. It was totally worth it though. Being a total shopaholic, it really helped me get the mood. The mall decorations were wonderful.
Again, last night, the East Delhi Mizo Fellowship had a Bonfire praise and worship time at a resident in INA. That was one major thing that helped me get into the mood too. These recent feelings made me realize what we really need to get into the Holiday mood:
1. A Holiday. That is, no work and pressure.
2. Family.
3. Shopping. Please, you CAN NOT deny this.
4. Friends. Fun Friends.
The fifth and the most important- God. Being in his presence. Praying. Talking to him.
I've been lacking in this because I gave so much importance to the rest four. I really enjoyed singing the carols whole-heartily after what felt like a decade.
So, lemme now check my list. One, done. Two, in a few hours. Three, done.... or maybe not. LoL. Four, partly done. Five, always on the road.

I'll be signing off now, looking forward to more blogging this holiday.
Season's Greetings to all!

(About my outfit last-night:
A warm deep blue cloak with leopard lining
Skirt, tutu style
The styling is very basic. A mini skirt with high-boots is classic. Pair a unique coat, something rarely seen, and you're good to go.)

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