Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Back to Work

I've been getting a lot of messages asking me where I've been and why I haven't posted stuffs lately. Well, I've been so busy, I'd like to apologize.
HAHA (lar ve hmel rap!) :D .  Screw it. The truth is, I am the one who misses myself when I don't blog. I feel like there's a part of me that wants to speak out loud but is held inside. Seriously, I've been busy being lazy. Plus, no photographers! Pfft. I have to click my own photos. I sometimes get my roomie to do it for me. Thank you Kavita.
Diwali breaks were fun. I spent time with my family after four months of being away. Staying away from home have taught be more than I expected. I learnt about the value of family, space (yea, Delhi is congested), healthy food and most importantly, Money. Money IS paper, you know, just flies with the wind.
Ignore my pimple :P
Returned on Saturday. Realized how heavy my workload is. Assignments. They seriously bring zit to your skin, Hmph. So, pulled myself back together, and got to work again. I'm working a lot harder. Being so new to this whole brain-storming creativity full-load environment, I sucked at whatever I did. I couldn't believe how much I was lacking behind. But now, with Jesus, I'm gonna work Full-On! and try not to get carried away with, well, laziness.
 On the second day of college after the holidays, today, i wore my pink knitted light sweater with my "famous" skirt. Yes, my mom's skirt. In college, people were like, "Oh! wait. I know this skirt... Yours mom's skirt isn't it?!?! Love it". (-_-)
I first blogged about it in my post, "Mom's Closet" and then again in "Girl's just wanna have fun.....with Fashion!". So yeah.

Honestly, I've never experimented so much in Guwahati as I am doing here in Delhi. Another thing I learnt staying away from home. There's something about this city that boost up your confidence. Well, my college adds up to it too. I'm loving this new side of me I'm beginning to experience.
Now. Back to Work.


  1. Nia a common ve ngawt mai khi pawnfen khi chu :D

  2. Where have you been and why haven't you posted stuffs lately?