Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Untitled. That's it. Untitled.

Happy Gandhi Jayanti. Hah. Seriously. 
Okay, I am officially jobless, so my roomie threw me some clothes and I began with my usual experiments and nosy advises on what would look good with which and transforming the "unwearable" into wearable. This is the thing with fashion. You don't necessarily buy new stuffs to get a new look. You just need to dig deep into your wardrobe, literally, and mix-match.

Hmm.. It's a holiday and a sans-makeup day for me, which explains my pale face. Just pretend I'm pretty okay? lol. And sorry about the blur. Pfft.
Jacket: Helium
Jumpsuit: Thrift
Bag: Jane Shilton


  1. I Love Your Un-titled-title ;-)

  2. It's hard to pretend you're pretty because that's what you really are... ;)