Friday, 26 October 2012

Achromatic and all the Greys in Between.

Achromatic is defined as "without color", "grey", "neutral" or "black". The word has been my Biggest nightmare this week. It has bought me depression which tags pimples along. Urgh.

Elements Of Design. Or better known as, EOD by the Niftians, is one of the core subjects in our course. This week our assignment was to create value charts of base colors with their tints and shades. The class was divided into groups as to who was suppose to make which set for the entire class. I was secretly hoping for Achrome as the rest of the colors had so many proportions and measurements included in them. And as luck would have had it, we did get Achrome. I wouldn't lie, I was happy. Prayers answered.

Got to work. Nothing like expected. Getting gray-scales correct with utmost precision was no cake-walk. Therefore I could not get the graduation Mam' wanted. The rest is history. I'm not here to embaress myself you know *bleh*.

This whole grey episode made me think about the complexities of life, and life's own tints and shades. (Mi ril tih takah. Lol.)

Things taken for granted are never easy to live without.
What looks ugly is what makes the beautiful, look beautiful.
Never underestimate the unimportant. They ARE important. They make Life complete.
Well, I'm not gonna elaborate my lines. Better put on your thinking cap.

Till then, let me continue having fun with Achromatic themes and try falling in love with them

I'm already in love with this dress I bought very recently. Studs. Plus point. Grey can be fun. (-___-  )


  1. Love the post n the dress..been looking for something grey but couldn't found it yet :-P of luck ;-)

    1. thanks.. i'll help u find it when u come to India :P

  2. lolz... the second pic... the focus... urrrrmmm... lolz :P