Saturday, 29 September 2012

What's with Girls and Malls?

"Stoned in the mall,
the kids play,
and in this way, 
wish away each day..."

After what actually felt like weeks of hard work, me and Amelia (Ghosh) had this strong urge of hitting the mall. I haven't been to Select City Walk Mall, Saket, so we dragged Sonal (Singh) along and headed to it.
Okay, Sonal wasn't very excited with the whole idea of feeling poor in a big mall of clothes we wouldn't be actually buying. However, it's fun... You know the feeling right? Girls? Huh?
So, we were checking out and gushing over all the cool stuffs, read: Clothes. Shoes. Bags. Accessories and what not, and Sonal was busy texting her friends to shoo away her boredom. She texted a friend of hers asking why girls love the mall, and her friend bluntly replies: SHINY STUFFS.
That got me thinking, what really attracts girls to malls and stores even though we know we're not buying them? Why do we torture ourselves? Okay, no offence, we do buys stuffs... at least on occasions but then again, we hit the mall not only on occasions right?
Mermaid in the mall bitches...!!!
Malls in India has become such a trend among the youth that it's impossible to imagine a "hang-out" without hitting them. Not only the youth, it has become a get-together place for families as well. I remember the first mall in Guwahati- Hub, when it opened in 2004, we went there for every occasion, be it birthday shopping or Christmas. Now, 2012, the number of malls just multiplied drastically - Sohum, The Cube, Vishal-the Mega Mart, Pantaloons, and so on... With the increase in the income of people, comes along a need of splurging an indulging in luxury goods. I ain't complaining, because I am among the many youngsters who enjoy loitering around there, specially in Dona Planet where every Guwahati kid sit on the stairs and just pass the time away.

My fav. Catwalk shoes
Malls has a thing for everyone. Just when we thought Sonal was getting really bored we came across this store called Crosswords and she went nuts. I literally had to look for her among the big books piled up. She spent as much time there browsing through all the majestic books as me and Amelia did in Zara and Mango.

Come onnnn!!! Zaraaaaaa....!!!
I could write a whole book on how malls fascinate me, but I don't think you'd really want to spent time reading how sissy I am. Therefore, let me now talk about Fashion. That's what I am here for right?
with Amelia
Studs came around 2010-11 in India, and is still on such a hot rage. Zara had pretty much everything in studs- Bags, gloves, jackets, tops, skirts, shoes, jeans and even Hairbands! Although studs are very grungy, they can be worn by anyone inclined to any style with ease.
A floral dress with a leather studded jacket.
A T-shirt, maxi Skirts and studded ballerinas.
A plain classic white shirt and studded jeans.
A romantic evening dress with studded bag.
A top with studded collars and pallazzos.

Sequinned Skirt
Another trend that is really hot right now, Sequinned-Tops, dresses, skirts, bags, belts and even shoes with a label that says-Delicate Material. HUH. Why even bother wearing them then. However, shiny things are so beautiful, you just can't help it. Amelia should know... Right Sonal? LoL. Every freaking shiny stuff and Amelia goes.... haaaaahhhhhh *wide eyes* *mouth wide open* *touch touch*
I mean, thank God we're gonna land up in a fashion industry, else our lives would be miserable without constantly thinking about them. I don't even have to go on about how to wear sequins. Indians are pretty much very familiar with it. However, a word of caution: DO NOT OVER DO, f you don't wanna look like a disco light, that is.
Arranging of collection and lines in the stores is one topic I am yet to talk about. Ever since Elements of Design, no Niftian can really enjoy the display of the stores in a normal, legitimate way. When we entered Forever New, Sonal immediately jumped on her feet and screamed, "EOD...!!".
The entrance greeted us with an all-white collection which really attracted the eye because of the aesthetics. Further in was an array of Navy, then came the Greens, the Animal prints, and so on. Plus, every garment suddenly reminded us of Material Studies too- Quilling, Twisting, Mosaic, Pleating, Weaving and the likes. I'm definitely going to talk about this insanity in separate posts.
How can they just stuff them like this... :'( :P

Mom, if you're reading... buy me these...!! *puppy eyes*
Animal Prints are here to stay this winter. I personally thought it was a fad but looks like I'm wrong. The high-street brands are definitely bringing in more of this trend. The best ones in shoes, like the one below from Zara.
It was an evening well spent. We were flooded with "If only-s...".. If only money grew on trees... If only I was a Mittal... If only the stores were without security for just two minutes... and what not...
However, we do get our own moment when we actually buy these stuffs. It's just not that frequent. So, I'm just waiting for my moment.

I am wearing:
Top: Radnik
Denim: Levis Denim Curve (studded in the pockets..;))
Sandals: Catwalk
Shades: Miami Blues


  1. Chemte, I Chem-kalna-zawng tak a ni e, ti zel rawh ;-))

  2. Did I tell you I read the title as "What's with Girls and Balls?" and nearly choked on my coffee? :)

    1. u did. :P
      i might come with that real soon. :D

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