Wednesday, 12 September 2012

The Geek-Chic

Photo credit: Namit Sirohi
 Today was one heck of a day. The subject Fashion Orientation demanded us to present a sub-culture for the Mid-term assignments and so, our group chose-- tadaaah!! GeeK-ChiC.

With the true geek- Sonal
 Geek. When we first hear this word, we would picture geek glasses, braces and lots of books. However, researching on it widened my horizon so much more. Geeks are the people who have an utmost fetish for a particular subject- Science, Arts, Movies, Gaming, Food, Politics and even Fashion.
It's amazing how years ago being called a "geek" was insulting, and now,
the coolest people are "Geeks"! Read: Mark Zuckerburg, Bill Gates.
Geek Trend has been adopted in different forms by several other sub-cultures. It has become a fashion trend to be wearing a Dark-rimmed glasses now. Hell, our superheroes ranging from Superman to Iron Man were all geeks!
 Today, I dressed up as an Academic Geek-Chic. I was inspired by Blair Waldorf, GG. I, of course, made some changes to make this look my own.
Get the look
 Getting the Geek-Chic look is not at all difficult because a geek has no limitations and boundaries. Get our own Geeky look by digging inside your inner-self and searching for that one thing you are really passionate about. Geek is all about Loving devotedly, without giving a care what the world thinks.

PoP aRt

With Namit Sirohi (valley of chic)
Thanks Namit for the pictures, or rather, thanks to his phone. :P
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  1. Nice Suz,,, U know I used to be such a geek, I realized that not long ago :P I guess everybody is kinda geeky in a way :P

    1. we are.. we all are.. I'm a Love geek. Sigh.

  2. i <3 blair too ;)!! i dined at a restaurant named "waldorf" last week. ;))