Thursday, 20 September 2012


Okay. No matter how daring and adventurous I'd like to think of myself, I'm not that bold when it comes to trying out new food joints, even food in itself. I'm known for picking either Chicken fried rice or Chicken chowmein wherever and whenever I eat out. LoL. I've been staying here in Hauz Khas for nearly two months and I hadn't even tried out Cafe6. That's something for a resident of this urban posh area. 
It's Bharat Bandh today. Super sunny. Somehow, I had this strong urge to have lunch elsewhere and not order the same boring tiffin. My roomie had some friend to meet up for lunch, so I was pathetically single. 12:30pm and I called up a friend of mine who stayed nearby and asked her if she wanted to have lunch with me. She said yes, and I had a date.
Mind you, I woke up pretty early and had a hearty breakfast. However, my stomach seems to run like a machine which needs oiling up every two hours or three. I think I'm getting healthier day by day.. pfft.. okay, back to the topic, my friend Tavishi is a regular at Cafe6 so she guided me with the menu. We both had Cheesy Chicken Burger and I had to have Choco Coffee Krushers.
It was D.E.L.I.C.I.O.U.S. I'm not good at describing the taste of a food, so I won't go there, but it was definitely worth the try. Considering how tasty the stuffs were, the price was very fair. Hell, I'm still very full and it's been nearly 4 hours now!

I'm gonna be seen a lot more in this small and cozy cafe. the next time I go, I'll surely get you the menu and their phone number. There's a free home delivery service!
*burp* 'cuse me.


  1. This Post is Sooo Tasty and Yummy... ;-))

  2. hehee.. resize the last pic plz :D i template a rawn hawl chhe vek dawn :D

    I love trying out new stuff too... and am not just talking about food ;)