Sunday, 2 September 2012

A White Sunday

It's been a while since I last blogged. I've been really busy with my assignments and NIFT has really drained out my creativity. LoL. Plus, loneliness.
After church service
 Every weekend I stay out of my paying-guest for a sleepover at my aunt's or my cousin's place. Living in a small room for an entire week really suffocates me. I need air. Being an 18 year old, every active teen, I always look forward to spend a night or two out and have some proper food. Food, I love.

White Class

Charles and Keith shoes

Pupuii, the photographer. :)
 I like attending the church service from my aunt's place because I really get the "air" to dress up properly and not worry about an auto, since my aunt can drive. Her Scorpio really saves my Sunday. So, even though  there was every chance for the rain to shower, I dared to wear white. ^__________^
Wearing a Little White Dress and a classy shoe really makes a nice combo. You can always switch back to colorful sandals for a casual look. An LWD can really be versatile.
I'll meet you soon.
Hmm.. have to get back to my assignments. Had a great weekend. Thanks Nu Sawmpui and U Pupuii... 


  1. Ka chunga mi khian i kawr hak lai khi a transparent nge transparent lo a study nasa khawp mai. :D

    Very pretty dress, but it wouldn't have been pretty had you not been wearing it. :)