Sunday, 12 August 2012

NeIFT @ Delhi Haat

Date: 10th Aug, 2012
Time: 8:30pm-9:30pm
Venue: Dilli Haat, New Delhi.

All smiles

I have been staying here in Delhi  for almost three weeks now and still haven't been to Delhi Haat. That was something. When my very dear friend Jenny called me up and informed me about her fashion show to be held there, I couldn't give no for an answer. Now, Jenny is a student in North-East Institute of Fashion Technology in Guwahati and a very good friend of mine. The show was organised by NeIFT for the passing out students, and for a fashion student like me, it was a good opportunity to see how things go.
So, me and three of my cousins, all of them were siblings, headed out for Delhi Haat. I was so confused as to what to wear. My cousin Pupuii was like,
"Delhi is a place where whatever you wear actually works. If you want, go for shorts or go for some formal. It doesn't matter." I kinda found it to be true. Even in colleges, while some come with their pajamas, some come in Van Hausen. It's like that here in the capital.
               The ceremony, or so it was called, was meant to start at 7:00pm, but due to the humid weather the models had to redo their make-up. It was in an open-air after all. I grabbed a seat in the second row, and by 8:30pm, the show began.
                   Now, I can go on about all the designs that we witnessed, but I'm gonna skip all that, and go to what our Mizo designers showcased. Lalchhanhimi Jongte was the first Mizo to show her collection. It was named Shimmering Gold. I have to mention here that her clothes had one of the finest cuts and the stitch was very satisfactory. She worked with structured silhouettes  and it worked for her.

one of the best garments showcased

shimmering gold

Lalchhanhimi Jongte

   Melody Remsangi brought out the greeny Mizoram through her collections called Forest. Along with western clothes she played with the Mizo puan as well.


   Atu Jamir is a Naga, but I'd like to mention her too. She's a friend whom I got introduced to by Jenny. Her collections played with Blue, Red and White. I really liked some of her clothes because of there wear-ability.

Loved this shoe


The show was closed by none other than Jenny Zosangliani. Her theme was Gothic and she played with Black and Red. Hers was very dramatic, bold and chic. Very Jenny.

this outfit is something she herself would wear

Sorry for the blur!

Jenny's collection. The puanchei and vakiria (extreme left) really grabbed attention

I would say here, that some designers had major flaws in the show like, some of the models came out with the dress unzipped, some dresses still had threads hanging, the fitting of the garments did not work out quite well and other such technicalities. However, Neift being such a new institute in Guwahati, they still have a lot of time and room to improve. Well done guys!

Jen smiling at the camera, Atu below her.

My top: 109DegreeF
Pants and Sandals: Thrift: Fancy, Guwahati and Sarojini, Delhi.

Me and Pupuii.


  1. Suzz, tu ber khi nge min "arrange" sak dawn? :)

    1. Duh duh maw? Ok that's an easy one. Khi i thiannu Me-i khi ka duh ber, kekawr sen, chuan a top chu white, blue, pink leh red horizontal stripes khi. A stylish ka ti reuh a... bakah, she has a very cute smile. Me-i chu Naga hming deuh tiraw? Nge Khasi?

    2. haha.. mix anih ka ring.. a takah a thra vak lo asin le..

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