Sunday, 12 August 2012

NeIFT @ Delhi Haat

Date: 10th Aug, 2012
Time: 8:30pm-9:30pm
Venue: Dilli Haat, New Delhi.

All smiles

I have been staying here in Delhi  for almost three weeks now and still haven't been to Delhi Haat. That was something. When my very dear friend Jenny called me up and informed me about her fashion show to be held there, I couldn't give no for an answer. Now, Jenny is a student in North-East Institute of Fashion Technology in Guwahati and a very good friend of mine. The show was organised by NeIFT for the passing out students, and for a fashion student like me, it was a good opportunity to see how things go.
So, me and three of my cousins, all of them were siblings, headed out for Delhi Haat. I was so confused as to what to wear. My cousin Pupuii was like,

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

She's Trending

Hey guys, I know I've been so quite lately and it's all thanks to my hectic classes and assignments. Not only that, adjusting in a whole new, bigger city without your family around is really not going easy.
However, on a brighter note, we've been having vibrant subjects in the college, one of them is Fashion Orientation. I'm really loving it. It's the one subject where my knowledge is better than the rest. LoL.
One of our assignments is to junk up our Learning Diaries with pictures and information about our fashion icon. I have so many of them, and choosing one was darn difficult. I went for Camille Co. Of course you know her, I've blogged about her once. Now that I've been researching on her better, I'm starting to get obsessed. 
Her style is so affordable, easy on the skin kind, not too flashy but very trendy .
These are her very recent pics in New York City.
These dresses are REALLY in! I love her sandals and tweed combo. Very unusual, but actually works!

Blue and Red for July 4rth.
P.S. I can see a lot of these trends in the campus as well.