Friday, 6 July 2012

"Numbers"... Rachel Ward

I was introduced to this magnetic set of books by my younger brother, Andrew when he bought the part 1 in the school book fair. It was the Scholastic edition priced Rs. 299.

Numbers - Rachel Ward
                     What makes this book extra special for me is that when I studied in Army Public School, Basistha, in Guwahati, I gave a book report during the morning assembly on Numbers. I was in my 11th standard. The teachers were so impressed by the book report that everyone enquired more about it. One such teacher was Kim mam, the Business Studies teacher, one of the favorites of the seniors of our school. She actually told me she was going to buy the book since it seemed so interesting judging by the report! Okay, this is what book reports are meant to do, (duh..!! right?) but in school assemblies no one ever took them seriously, and so, I consider it a great feat. LoL.

Numbers part one is mainly about a girl named Jem. She is a gifted girl. Her character is very reserved, strong, nearly aggressive and pessimist. However, she behaves the way she does because of the power she actually inherits from her mother. Here, I'm breaking the ice for you. Oopsy. Can't help! She can see the date of death of a person when she meets the eyes and because of this "gift" she goes through a very difficult phase in her life, specially when she meets the love of her life, a guy she calls Spider. As if being able to see his number wasn't enough, she gets caught in a mazy kinda situation with the government and she gets through all these with the help of Val, Spider's grandma. How does she tackle with all these hurdles... You'll have to find that out yourself.. :) I'll let you know more about Numbers- The Chaos on my next post :)


  1. I'm utterly disappointed this has nothing to do with the Crime television show Numb3rs :-(

    1. Me too... keipon a rawn chhuah tirh khan hemi book dehchhan hian nidawn maw ka tia... sad..