Thursday, 12 July 2012

Numbers- "1NF1N1TY".. Rachel Ward

Numbers-"1NF1N1TY"... Rachel Ward

This Mind-Blowing Conclusion to the Chilling Trilogy is a journey to 2029, two years after the Chaos. Sarah, Adam and Mia are struggling to survive. Little Mia was supposed to die that New Year's day, and Adam clearly knows that numbers don't lie. Yet somehow she survives and more surprisingly, nan, who still had years left, died instead. Was it Mia who did all of these? Mia's just a baby, oblivious to her superpower.
                                    1NF1N1TY is so much more than just numbers. What I find intriguing about this book is the way it potrays human selfishness to live forever and never die. Through Saul, a character who goes beyond humanity, we see to what extend we all go to fulfill our selfish desires and simply consider the bad as good just because it works for us. But then again, through characters like Daniel, we realise that beyond all the evils, there are still some people left in this world, because of whom the world is worth living in. Having friends without any selfish benefits.
Do grab a copy of the series. There's something for everyone. You'll find it thrilling, romantic yet action-packed. RACHEL WARD is the author of the internationally acclaimed Numbers trilogy. She lives in Bath, England, with her husband and their two children.

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