Saturday, 7 July 2012

"NUM8ERS- TH3 CHA0S"... Rachel Ward

Numbers- "TH3 CHA0S" by Rachel Ward

                     The Earth-Shattering (literally) Sequel to the Shocking Debut is all about Jem's son Adam as he learns how to cope up with his "gift" yet without his mother. He has got Val on his side but that won't ease the shocking pain he feels that go with the deaths of the people whose dates he see.
                      Now, Adam is fifteen, as old as his mother was when she had to witness the London Eye incident. Adam is back to London with his great grandmother. The city is alien to him but more than that, he can't help but notice how many of them are dying on the same date: 01012027. He has a feeling he can change the fate of many people by warning them, but also gets reminded of how her parents were treated when they tried to bring "change".
                     In this sequel, we are introduced to a girl named Sarah and her role in Adam's life and bringing life to the Chaos. She has somehow been able to see it all coming, but she couldn't let Adam into her life easily because he is the one who drags her baby to the flames, in her nightmare. Is her nightmare coming true? She swears she saw Adam in her dreams long before she actually saw him live. So does that mean London is going to shake and burn as it does in her dreams? Will She and Adam actually work together to save the city?

You can buy the books online as well: ... The price of this sequel is $9.99 (do the conversion yourself :PP)

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