Friday, 29 June 2012

Shop Shop Shop

I practically shopped till I dropped today! Phew.. I shopped in this market called Fancy Bazaar in Guwahati. I hardly go there despite the cheap and cool stuffs because, well, its far from my place and very dirty. No offence. But as usual, cheap stuffs are always good, lol. Ok, not that much because the quality isn't that up to the mark. However, students like us can't be too picky, can we?
I bought some bags for my college. I'll be joining in National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), in New Delhi. So, even when the baby, cute stuffs really caught my eye, I HAD to avoid them!! :D My mom was like, "Professional line-ah te I kal tawh dawn sia, naupang chhia lutuk chu chi toh lawh alawm..." Gee. So I went back to being Me. The hippie. I bought a maroon cloth bag, with a white skul print, huge one. And an Eco-friendly white bag with prints that say Sunday.. Monday.. Tuesday.. blah blah blah.. It's really cool. I also bought some toilet bags, polka-dotted ones. I needed a purse, but none of them really convinced my eye.
I also bought a dark red jegging, very cheap ;) One piece I bought, which I loved is a lacey blue-ish cardigan. Hmm.. I'll upload the pic asap kk... :)
Chao.. Tc... xOxO

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