Monday, 25 June 2012

Mom's Closet

i wonder what i find next
 I know it's not just me who's fond of digging into mom's closet. I mean, what's more fun than wearing a vintage piece which is back in Vogue?
Smiling all the time... hihi :P

Five reason's why I think MOM's closet is cool:
1. It's for FREE!!
2. It's back in trend. The 1980s and 1990s are      so IN.
3.The quality of clothes is so much better.
4. It's fun to relive what our mom's have lived, at least through the clothes.
5. It's vintage, always. Old is Gold. :)


  1. love it Suz :)and i love vintage too :)

  2. i was so surprised when i found the blouse and the skirt.... I was like, "Mom!!! why didn't you tell me before????" :DD

  3. I absolutely love your blog. It made my evening. I love how simple and thoughtful each line is. You have a wonderful talent, wish you all the best in your career. And thank you for putting a smile on my face, when I've been having a not so good a day.

    1. That meant a lot to me Gayle. Thank you for your encouraging words. I hope you have better days ahead :)